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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 7, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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officer involved shooting in los angeles county. police have not confirmed if that incident is related to the shootings we just told you about. we're certainly keeping an eye on these developing stories and we'll update you with details when we get them. a suspect handcuffed and locked up in a police van pulls off quite the trick leading to a lightning fast escape and now a manhunt is on in san jose. police working to find that crafty parolee last seen speeding off on that police van on hillsdale avenue. smichristie smitsmitchristie sm. the question is how did he manage to get away? >> reporter: i just spoke with a san jose police officer. he said what happened is sometimes they arrest guys who are big. they work out. it is hard to get arms behind their back and into a pair of handcuffs. what they do is link two pairs
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of handcuffs together and that's what happened in the case of anthony sanchez and he was able to give san jose police the slip. they were trying to ease stress on his shoulders and he took advantage. police say he was able to move the cuffs probably under his body and take off in an unmarked police minivan. it started about 3:30 in the afternoon on thursday. police arrested him on a drug related probation warrant. when officers were outside the van filling out paperwork, they say sanchez made his move. the van was located about two hours later about a mile away and neighbor wes were stunned b his disappearing act. >> who can do that? big guy. how can he get out? we don't know what to think. kind of scary. >> reporter: now nothing was stolen from the van and he's not considered dangerous.
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sanchez is 5'8" to 5'10" tall, 250 to 275 pounds. big guy. last seen wearing black sweats and a gray sweatshirt with cuffs possibly still on his arm. he may have gotten those off. it's unfortunate because this was really only a probation violation which would have meant minimal jail time but now when he's caught, he'll be facing a whole new case. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." in los gatos, the owners of a new gun store are now being targeted by death threats. it's an update you'll only see on nbc bay area. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us live outside templar sports in los gatos with a look at the dangerous twist to the gun control debate. >> reporter: good morning to you. templar sports has three owners but just one is taking all of the heat because the other two have not been publicly identified yet and now the attorney for co-owner robert
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chang says this death threat only validates chang's decision to try and protect his business partners' identities. since this sporting goods store opened on university avenue in december, hundreds of people have demanded that it move or stop selling guns. the latest town council meeting that include public comment happened this past monday. owner robert chang was there and answered many questions from the council. the next night on tuesday night, his attorney says he received that death threat written out in a letter sent to his san jose home. and he says they are not taking this lightly. >> shook up as you can imagine. he's taken steps to see to his personal safety. it does not deter robert. robert is not just a businessman. he's also a civil rights advocate. >> reporter: chang's attorney is in touch with both los gatos and san jose police working to make
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sure chang is protected. he also suggested two town leaders here take precautions for their own personal safety. an interesting twist. one of the unidentified owners is actually a los gatos police officer. as for legitimacy of this business being in los gatos on university avenue, town leaders say that chang and his business partners did in fact secure all of the proper permits and licenses. live in los gatos, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> new video of a house up in flames in san jose overnight. firefighters arrived on scene and they were able to make quick work of this fire knocking those flames down within 12 minutes. firefighters say nobody was injured during this fire. the house is located on dana avenue. that's near mckendrie street. firefighters tell us that home is vacant. the cause is still under investigation. it is 6:06 right now.
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we're watching the weather as chilly temperatures and rain heads into the bay area. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to see when the rain is set to arrive. >> in the north bay, it has arrived. as you can see right now santa rosa getting some light shower activity. the steady rain is still about a couple hours away from moving into santa rosa and down south to marin county. and then as we head through the the second half of the day, the moisture will push into the south bay. i'll time that out for you in just a moment. want to show you what we're working with here. cold system on our way. already bringing a mix of rain and snow down to 3,000 feet. we notice that around mt. st. helena this morning. stop future cast with the front situating itself north of the golden gate bridge. we stop it at noon, starting to get activity in the south bay. once the front comes through, the cold blast trails behind it. that means it will be a cool day. you want to plan accordingly for the mid to upper 50s. that's it for today. 55 degrees inland.
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54 bayside. we'll tell you what's next to come maybe a little bit of snow outside your doorstep. that's in my next report. 6:07. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. we'll take you back out to 101 at 680. that's where the tow truck was. they made the merge but it was a tough one. all of the cars with headlights coming, about 50 miles per hour. you're on the side of the road and you're in a tow truck with a truck loaded on the back. that was a tough merge there. we made it. no problems. top of your screen is where 101 slows. the rest of the commute good through the area. we'll look through oakland. construction continues to clear between embarcadero and high street for both directions. we'll get a look at the bay bridge toll plaza as well as things are starting to build for cash lanes. that's what is keeping things moving smoothly on the approach for fastrak. no metering lights. we'll see those turned on in five minutes. we'll track that. back to the maps we show slowing not just at the maze but for the tri-valley. we're looking at also southbound
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13 with that report of a tree down around lincoln avenue off-ramp. watch for that through oakland hills and down toward the merge. back to you. >> thanks so much. coming up, is boeing's dreamliner about to wake up from the big pr nightmare? a fiery wake-up call. flames engulf three homes while everyone inside is asleep. the frantic evacuation and a look at the smoky aftermath just ahead. microsoft tattles on google and a malibu dream house for sale. we'll look ahead in business news. >> reporter: bob redell, good morning. we're live at one of the most iconic holes on one of the world's most famous golf courses. coming up, a preview of this week's national pro-am from pebble beach.
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>> today president obama is back in washington, d.c. for a national prayer breakfast. a live look as he addresses the audience. we're back in a matter of minutes.
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new video at 6:11 of a police car that smashed into the side of a school bus in sweetwater, florida, this morning. the picture is dark. we do understand the police officer is hurt. no word about the condition of anyone on the bus. it is 6:12 right now. time for a quick check of the day's top stories. one police officer now dead and two others injured in california. a suspect is a former lapd police officer wanted for shooting deaths of two people in fullerton. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning. a massive fire engulfed
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three apartment homes this morning in jersey city, new jersey. smoke could be seen for miles away on the new jersey turnpike. one fire captain being treated for a head injury. the cause is under investigation. the ntsb updating us on the investigation into battery problems onboard those boeing 787 dreamliners. the faa ended up grounding all dreamliners just last month. that includes the new nonstop service at san jose international airport. the faa will not lift the grounding order until boeing can prove those airline batteries are in fact safe. 6:13. google's g-mail shows you an advertisement in a way to fund the free service. >> during our break we showed a commercial talking about that. microsoft thinks that's unfair. microsoft on the attack this morning. >> we just saw. good morning. a fight brewing. the guys i've talked to over at google are mystified by the ads because g-mail has done this for years and figure everyone knew this happened. you write your friend an e-mail
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in g-mail that says let's go to the gym this afternoon, you'll see an ad for 24-hour fitness. google does this. it analyzes your mail for key words. microsoft criticizing that practice and promote its own e-mail system. analyzing what you do online serving you ads based on that activity is kind of how the internet works. in fact, this morning yahoo! is announcing its working with google to serve you ads based on your past interests online. san francisco based yelp getting much bigger adding 26 cities in the last three months as lots of people are using its mobile app. it continues to lose money burning through 5 million in the last quarter. that stock down this morning. let me repeat. the company's mobile strategy going very well. and we have the markets this morning. we just got weekly jobless claims. they were down ever so slightly. it's been a week without data and a week so far at least late in the week where not much has
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happened. barbie moving out of her malibu home this morning listing her dream house on the real estate website trulia for $25 million. the listing notes the home's 119 centimeter ceilings, pink crown molding, pink floors and pink elevator with a state of the art pulley system. mattel will have a new dream house for next conference to replace malibu barbie house this is a way of promoting it. they haven't said where she's moving but pointed out there are big bs on the front of her elevator but you can get that changed if you want to buy it. >> does it come furnished? >> with pink furniture. imagine that. >> and a lot of little shoes. >> i knew barbie was a shaker and mover. didn't show she was living high off the hog. the only event on the pga tour where fans don't just come out to see the pros. >> we're talking about at&t national pro-am of course where
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celebrities always seem to steal the show. bob redell joins us with a look at the crowd pleasing moments and preview of the big day ahead as well. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and jon. probably the only time we'll get this close to 18th hole pin of the pebble beach course. it's hard to see but the ocean is just feet away from us. it's been crashing over the break water. beautiful morning. chilly if you are coming out here. make sure you have a wind breaker or something today. today is the first day of the celebrity national pro-am. the beauty about this competition is you get to see such an unusual mix of people out here competing. giants pitcher matt kaine will be out there and teeing off not too far in front of him will be justin verlander of the detroit tigers, pitcher he beat out during the world series this year. notable exceptions. tiger woods is not going to be here. george lopez, comedian will not be here neither will kevin
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costner. you'll have comedian bill murray out here. of course phil mickelson, the professional defending his title. ray ramono. jim harbaugh and newcomer to the program, former secretary of state condoleezza rice. yesterday was pebble beach celebrity challenge. an opportunity for celebs to become familiar with this course perhaps to calm nerves they might have to play with pros and to raise money for charity. huey lewis is a regular here at the pro-am. earned a lot of cheers from the gallery as he chipped in to win the challenge on the final hole. >> this one right here on thursday. that would be awesome. this would be great. chip it on on 18 on saturday would be fantastic. >> good way to get the nerves out. i take the tournament very seriously. probably to a fault. i just have so much fun. you want to make that cut on
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sunday. and this is a good way to get nerves out and raise money. >> the golfers took time out to do singing yesterday. here they are in honor of military appreciation day which was yesterday, serenading men and women of armed forces given special access to watch yesterday's celebrity golf challenge. tee times this morning for pro-am around 8:00 starting at all three courses. you have monterey, spy glass and pebble beach which we are at right now. reporting live at beautiful pebble beach, a little dark but we'll see it better in 30 minutes, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we were admiring the shot behind you. >> beautiful moon. look over your right shoulder. your other right shoulder. he needs to work on that. there you go. enjoy. good thing he's the biggest star out there. >> right now. we want to check in with christine right now for a look
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at the forecast for today. and good weekend ahead. >> good weekend. you have to love california. >> absolutely. every day. all day. >> a couple hours to pebble beach or a few hours from world class skiing and this weekend is going to be nice. we have snow on the way. brian hager joins us on the phone from squaw valley with a look at the conditions on the slopes. are you excited about this snowfall coming in, brian? >> we definitely are, christina. we can't wait for it to start falling up here. >> i hope you have long johns handy. it will be cold. temperatures in the 30s and 20s throughout the next couple days. what do you think this new snow is going to bring people? what do you think it will bring as far as the attraction goes up there? do you think it will enhance people coming up there? >> i think it will bring a lot of people up from the area. we have a lot going on this weekend. hopefully some people come up
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and take advantage of our mardi gras parties and big mountain battles and stuff like that. >> that sounds like a good time. i can get into that. thank you, brian hager. once again let's check the conditions at squaw. 34 degrees for today. tomorrow we're talking about the upper 20s. that means the snow that they do accumulate is going to stick and add to base that's already upwards of seven feet. they are adding that powder. they are making it themselves out there. phenomenal skiing conditions as we head throughout the upcoming weekend or like we said before, you can take it to the beach. let's talk about the front coming in and how it will impact the bay area. currently most of the shower activity is way to our north. we're starting to get light isolated activity up in marin county and sonoma county. you can see that here. here's the front itself still to the north of ukiah that will start to come in throughout the next couple hours. by 8:00 a.m. you can see that here on your future cast getting steady rain from golden gate bridge south through sonoma
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county. continue future cast stop at noon. that's when we get our first activity down here in the south bay so if you are trying to make outdoor lunch plans, better idea to keep them indoors at least in the south bay for today. by 7:00 p.m. as you make your way home from work, more shower activity on the way. that could slow the drive. keep that in mind. here's where it gets interesting. when we meet back here tomorrow morning, if everything times out just right, if we still have showers on the radar during the coldest point of the guy as future cast is indicating here, we could talk about snow levels, a mix of rain and snow on the valley floor. here's where it gets really cool. our future cast is actually picking up a little bit of rainfall in livermore tomorrow morning. so it's possible, it's not likely, we like to let you know every time we get that rare chance. 54 in livermore. 54 in fremont. 53 in san jose. getting into tomorrow, temperatures are going to be cool. we'll see spotty activity. it will be light and saturday for giants fan fest, sun comes back out. mid 50s.
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looking good all weekend long. for the surf or hit the slopes. got to love that, mike. >> use a board on the surfboard or snowboard. that's great. i can't do either very well. we're looking here. i was raised on skis. north 101. just turned from yellow to orange. we do have a build continuing for 101. slowing from tully but no big surprises. good stuff for the south bay. most road crews cleared except for this one south 101 may be sticking around as you approach 85 out of palo alto into mountain view a word of caution. another couple minutes until they clear the area. let's look at palo alto on our live shot. 101 moves smoothly southbound with headlights and northbound past willow and up in toward foster city and san mateo a smooth drive there. volume just building gradually for the peninsula. getting over to the peninsula, here's 92 westbound. commute off the high rise into foster city off san mateo bridge and a smooth drive here over on the hayward side. we'll look at the map as you see
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slowing now south 880 and also toward the toll plaza making your way into fremont. the build on for south 880 and off castro valley y as well. volume builds in general. 680 south maintains the speed limit. okay there but folks coming highway 84 through livermore and pleasanton joining up so sunol will get company there. also getting company heading toward the bay bridge. no big slowdowns. east shore freeways showing speeds coming down into the 50s. metering lights are on. backup forming quickly over just about ten minutes now we have all of these lanes backing up to end of the parking lot and slow coming off 880 over crossing as well. and in north bay a smooth drive as well. roadways here still relatively dry but you see the glow to the lights, mist and moisture in the air and as christina said the rain is coming through. expect novato south to get wet roadways after 8:00. just a warning.
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back to you. >> we want to show you new video of a police car that smashed into the side of a school bus in sweetwater, florida, this morning. look at that. we understand the police officer was hurt but we have no word about the condition of anyone on that bus. certainly we're keeping an eye on it this morning. saying farewell to a "star wars" legend. the life of the man who gave them the signature looks just ahead. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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6:26. the pioneering makeup artist between yoda and chewbacca has died. stewart freeborn died in london at the age of 98. in a statement, "star wars" director george lucas say he passed away leaving a legacy of unforgettable contributions. >> iconic figures. 6:26. still ahead, controversy on capitol hill. we'll tell you why a confirmation hearing could get heated for the man picked to lead the cia. a beautiful shot over san jose. a live look for you there. the mountains, the sun coming up. that's a nice way to energize your thursday morning. we've got more coming up in minutes. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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a hospital fined for failing to treat a heart attack patient. the nine-minute wait that cost a man his life just ahead. massive aftershock. another quake hits the solomon islands as the tsunami death toll rises. a live look at wall street this morning as we await the opening bell. hoping for a good day, good numbers on this thursday, february 7th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we have an update right now to breaking news in southern california. we're getting new details about three officers shot after confrontations with a murder suspect in riverside county. one officer dead. another has a graze wound right now. a third officer remains in
6:29 am
surgery. now police say two of those officers were simply sitting in a marked police car in riverside when that suspect ambushed them. pulled up alongside of them and opened fire. the suspect, the twist here, he's a former l.a. police officer wanted for killing two people in fullerton. we'll have more details about this suspect and the killings that he's wanted for coming up in 15 minutes. on capitol hill this morning, another combative confirmation is expected. this one for john brennan. president obama's nominee to head the cia. brennan is president obama's counterterrorism adviser and was a cia executive under president george w. bush. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill this morning. tracie, brennan supported controversial interrogation policies under the bush administration. does he still feel the same way about those techniques now? >> he actually says in a written response to the committee that he's facing today that he had concerns back then about those interrogation techniques.
6:30 am
remember the talk about wat waterboarding and other techniques, he said he had concerns back then and raised those concerns with his colleagues. we'll hear him talk more about that. >> also at issue, the obama's administration's controversial use of drone strikes to target terrorists overseas. where does brennan stand on that? >> we will likely try to scale those back. he's been in the middle on the use of these drone strikes in that response. he says that they are rare but justified. the administration just released two members of the committee, this classified memo sort of laying out what they feel is the legal justification for those strikes. >> who are the most vocal opponents right now to brennan's nomination? >> interestingly it's not just republicans. democrats as well have a lot of questions about not only the drone strikes but especially the
6:31 am
interrogations. they want to know just how deeply he was involved in decisions on both of those issues and he says he was not the architect of waterboarding or any of those techniques but how deeply has he been involved in the drone strikes and how much would he carry those on if he was actually in charge of the cia? >> too early to know if that opposition will be enough to block his nomination? >> pretty much. you need 40 people to not support him on the senate floor. while that seems unlikely, what happens today in this confirmation hearing may have a lot of bearing ining on that. >> we appreciate you watching it for us. tracie potts live from washington this morning. a 6.0 earthquake hitting the solomon islands overnight after the deadly 8.0 quake rattled the region triggering a tsunami. at least nine people including one child were killed in the eastern solomons because they
6:32 am
were not able to get out fast enough and outrun all of that rushing water. around 100 homes across five villages completely damaged or destroyed. 6:33. we're watching the weather this morning as we brace for cold temperatures and rain. it will feel like winter again. >> reality setting back in. with that in mind, let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to tell the whole story. >> good morning to you. first storm of the month. you know what it's coming in as we speak. isolated activity down in san francisco. keep that in mind. a matter of two hours for your highways are nice and slick areas north of the golden gate bridge as you can see that spotty activity ramping up as we speak. travel cautiously this morning. as you can see the main event, the front, is still to our north. it's going to start to move in throughout mid morning. keep that in mind. we stop the clock on future cast at 8:00 a.m. starting to get showers south of the golden gate bridge but nice and dry at that point in san jose. then we'll start to get our first activity here in the south
6:33 am
bay between 10:00 and noon. the front comes through the cold air trails behind it. we won't be done with the rain just yet. by 4:00 p.m., still getting some light isolated activity. your day part forecast tells the story. mid 50s for today. 55 degrees inland. 54 bayside. at the coast around 54 degrees. coming up in my next report, the rain is going to clear out just in time for the weekend and there's a lot happening around here. i'll time out bigger events and let you know what to expect weatherwise. it's friday eve, mike inouye. >> it is friday eve. we're looking here. a crash reported. fender-bender at the toll plaza. out of lanes. i scanned the roadway. i don't see it. this is still a concern. the clouds above, those are rain clouds that christina is talking about rolling through the area. it will continue into the evening commute for wetter roads. map shows you some slowing down the east shore freeway vertically west 80. let me show you that first.
6:34 am
speeds down into the 50s out of richmond and in toward university avenue. slowing across the upper deck back to highway 13 southbound. it's countercommute but folks are swerving around lincoln avenue because of a tree partially blocking the slow lane. stay to the left if you are heading south toward 580 with highway 13. we have north 680 around stone valley road reports of a disabled vehicle that may be sticking out into lanes and loaded with furniture. there may be more complications through the area. no slowing yet but we'll track this as well. meantime, 680 and 580 typical pattern through the dublin interchange west 580 out through the all the month pass and dublin a typical build and typical slowing through livermore. back to you. >> all right. thanks very much. 6:36. the state has fined a south bay hospital for failing to treat a patient who was in cardiac arrest. the department of public health says the patient went untreated for nine minutes at the santa clara medical center in san
6:35 am
jose. he was revived but suffered a severe brain injury and died when the family eventually took him off life support. the state has fined the medical center $100,000. ucsf medical center in san francisco received two fines totalling $200,000. in both instances there patients had to undergo a second surgery to remove a foreign object. the state also fined st. mary's medical center in san francisco twice. once for leaving a foreign object in a patient and once for failing to properly distribute medicine to a patient. the time is 6:36 right now. coming up on "today in the bay," an arson suspect arrested but not tried. we'll tell you why it could take up to three years to bring this case to court. ♪
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breaking news to tell you about. our chopper on scene over vallejo where police activity is in motion out there in vallejo. we're hearing reports of a home invasion right now. keep in mind these reports are unconfirmed. there is police activity. we can confirm there once again in vallejo. a possible home invasion. we'll of course continue gathering that information and bring it to you as soon as we have it in our newsroom. it's 6:40. the man accused of setting several fires in palo alto has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. the legal process against him
6:39 am
will be suspended while he's being sent to a state psychiatric facility for treatment. a doctor says that he has a psychotic disorder but he did not elaborate on his condition. he could undergo treatment at the facility for up to three years. allegedly set five fires in the preserve back in august of 2012. the defense may take another shot at the former san francisco crime lab tech accused of stealing cocaine. they have until february 15th to decide whether to retry deborah madden. this would be the third attempt. the past two trials ended in hung juries. madden's arrest in 2010 forced the district attorney to drop hundreds of criminal cases. 6:41 right now. coming up, emergencies by appointment only. the bay area city where first responders have office hours. that's coming up just ahead. a handcuff trick worth of
6:40 am
houdini. now we take you back to southern california. three officers shot there as they manhunt for a murder suspect turns deadly. latest details coming up. an unusual politician on the web and lower prices at the airport. we'll look at business nooews. a beautiful place to look at this. pebble beach. bob redell is there with activity at pro-am. much more ahead. 6:41. here you go little man.
6:41 am
[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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we continue to following breaking news this morning out of vallejo where our chopper is over the scene of the site of
6:43 am
what we're hearing is a home invasion. but it is unconfirmed right now. we're unable to -- there's the shot real briefly there. you saw a home there. we'll bring you available details that we have. we do have a reporter headed live to the scene right now. it is 6:44. now, an update to breaking news in southern california we're covering as well where a police officer is dead and two others injured in separate confrontations with the same suspect in riverside county. the newest details are that two of the officers were ambushed. they were sitting in a marked police car in riverside when a suspect pulled up alongside of them and opened fire. one officer was killed. the other is said to be in surgery. before that the suspect confronted two los angeles police officers in corona. one of the officers was grazed by a bullet. the suspect is a former lapd officer on the run after shooting deaths of a cal state fullerton basketball coach and
6:44 am
her fiance. police say former lapd officer christopher dorner wrote a multipage manifesto linking himself to those killings. in the manifesto, dorner allegedly says "there will be an element of surprise where you work, where you live, eat and sleep." there is a strange twist to these killings. the father of the basketball coach who was killed represented the suspect in a hearing that resulted in the suspect being fired from the l.a. police department back in 2009. in the meantime, we are also hearing reports of an officer-involved shooting in l.a. county. it's unclear if it's related to the shootings we just told you about. right now we have a vanishing act worthy of houdini taking place in the south bay as a handcuff trick leads to a quick escape by a parolee. a manhunt happening in san jose to try to find that suspect who was last seen speeding off in a police van on hillsdale avenue. that van now back in the hands of police after being found near
6:45 am
wren drive. that parolee nowhere to be found. christie smith joining us from san jose with a look at how this parolee somehow managed to escape. >> reporter: good morning to you. anthony sanchez is a husky guy. to lessen the stress on his shoulders and arms, san jose police put his arms behind his back but put him in two pairs of handcuffs that were actually linked together and he took advantage of that and slipped out. he stole a police van from detectives who just had taken him into custody yesterday on drug related probation warrant. police had handcuffed him and put him inside that unmarked minivan. an officer was outside of that van doing paperwork when the 32-year-old sanchez somehow slipped those cuffs off probably investigators think under his body and took off. the keys were in the ignition at the time. the van was found about two hours later and his disappearing act is unsettling for neighbors there. >> i was kind of shocked.
6:46 am
you know, who can do that? big guy. how can he get out of -- you know? we're kind of don't know what to think. it's kind of scary. >> reporter: san jose police say there were no weapons in that van. anthony sanchez is 5'8" to 5'10" tall, 250 to 270 pounds, wearing black sweats and gray sweatshirt and may have those cuffs still on his arms. he's not considered dangerous. police say it's unfortunate though because this was just a probation violation, which may not have meant much jail time. now when he's caught, he's facing a whole new case. in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." all right. thank you very much. it's 6:48 right now. time to check back in with meteorologist christina loren. you ladies are looking good. the orange spectacular. >> enclosed view here. >> it's like vitamin c sandwich. >> thank you. >> whatever that is. >> we do our part to make you look good, jon kelley. >> that takes a lot of work so
6:47 am
thanks. broad shoulders. >> good morning to you. 6:48. as you make your way out that front door getting yourself looking good this morning, you want to grab your jacket, grab your umbrella. especially if you put any time into your hair this morning, ladies. it's moist out there. and we've got showers on the way. in fact, we're starting to get more activity at this point in the san francisco area but the bulk of the moisture still way to our north. you can see sonoma county getting spotty activity and that goes for marin county as well. we can see the front move south as we head throughout the morning hours. we'll track it every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. if you want to know how heavy the rain is before you leave your front door, we'll be here for you this morning. 6:49 now. you can see that front still way to our north. north of clear lake at this point. time it out for you. we stop the clock at 8:00 a.m. this morning. right in the heart of your morning drive starting to get a little bit on the slick side especially at the immediate coast. and up through the north bay. we continue that future cast stop for you at noon. that's when we start to get active in the south bay. not expecting heavy rainfall but
6:48 am
enough to wash your car and to make highways nice and slick. we'll get another wave of moisture as you head home from work at 6:00 p.m. as we meet back here tomorrow morning once that cold blast settles in, if we're tracking showers on the radar as future cast is indicating, snow will drop down to about 2,000 feet and if everything works out just right and we still have showers at about 7:15 tomorrow, we could track a mix of rain and snow on the valley floor. getting pretty excited. as we head through your saturday, cold conditions. skies will clear. that means very cold mornings both saturday and sunday. we'll be near records. however, we're going to clear you out just in time for the 20th annual giants fan fest. february 9th. this saturday. it's crept up very quickly. 51 degrees at noon at at&t park. lots of sunshine for you. 3:00 p.m., 54 degrees. on sunday, we'll be celebrating the lunar new year at the asian art museum. you'll need your jacket but you
6:49 am
can leave the umbrella at home. cool conditions for today take you through sunday. 59 degrees inland. 58 degrees bayside. 56 at the coast and mild way to kick off next week. lots of sunshine and temperatures slowly creeping up. 6:50. let's check on your drive. that's building. >> we're looking at 101. last time i was going to take this shot, there was debris. looks like that's all that's left over. and then now i saw this. chp pulled over this person right here with flashing lights. right off the merge coming off 680. don't know what they were doing. chp was there to catch them. keep them in mind. rush through the slowdown but don't rush too much or you'll get slowed down even more. map shows you what we're talking about as far as 101 and the build from 680 north up toward the airport. much more extensive now over the last 15 minutes. capital expressway is where we bog down all of the way up past the airport. 87 slows into downtown. 280 at the interchange and 85 all of the way up toward
6:50 am
saratoga is your stretch for 85 now with speeds coming down toward the 50s. we'll look at the peninsula. palo alto moves smoothly through the area. no problems northbound. southbound as you head in toward the sunrise, that's the reason for the sunrise slowdown for 101 and 280 along the peninsula that happens this time of year. the clouds might change your commute here. also for fremont going to be an issue wetter roads that would be. right now it's southbound smooth drive past the truck scales. northbound we have folks pulled over with a tow truck out of lanes but a distraction off 880 north through fremont. oakland will catch up with these folks farther north and smooth drive past the coliseum. there's the metering lights. it refuses to backup solid here. good stuff at the bay bridge. back to you. new details in a police investigation and manhunt in sonoma county. sheriff deputies are still searching for suspects this morning after a pot deal leads to the shooting death of three men. the bodies of the three men were found in a cabin in forestville on tuesday.
6:51 am
investigators say the men had come to the area to buy a large amount of marijuana. investigators say the suspects or suspect left nothing behind except a small amount of pot. in los gatos, the owner of a new gun store being targeted by death threats. this is an update you'll only see on nbc bay area. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us live outside of templar sports in los gatos with a look at this dangerous twist to this gun control debate. a crazy and dascary scene out there. >> reporter: templar sports has three business owners but just one is taking the heat. this is because the other two have not been publicly identified. and now the attorney for co-owner robert chang says that this death threat only validates chang's decision to protect the identity of his business partners. people showed up to demand it
6:52 am
move or stop selling guns. the latest debate happened this past monday. hundreds of people showed up once again. owner robert chang was there. the next night on tuesday night, his attorney says he received that death threat written out in a letter sent to his san jose home. he says they are not taking this lightly. >> can't get into the details of it because it's an open investigation and don't want to hamper the police in going forward with their investigation. a derivative of the word death or die was in the warning. >> reporter: he says regardless chang is taking extra security precautions and that includes being in touch with both los gatos and san jose police department. he also said the debate over the fate of templar sports is scheduled to continue this coming monday at another town council meeting but he requested that meeting be postponed in light of this death threat. one final note. although some people are just
6:53 am
not happy that templar sports is here in los gatos, town leaders made sure to tell us that the owners did secure all of the proper licenses and permits so it is here legally. live in los gatos, marla tellez, "today in the bay." 6:54. the only firestation in the city of clayton is only open six hours a day six days a week. the cut is a result of a failure of measure q. the contra costa county fire protection district partial tax. clayton residents are trying to up with creative solutions to fund emergency services but for now the firestation will only be staff ed from 2:00 in the afternoon to 6:00 in the evening monday through saturday. a trendy place for politicians making use of a site. >> this politician this morning is a bit unusual. we haven't seen him on it
6:54 am
before. look at his picture. don't feel badly if you can't identify him. he's running for presidency in iran. he's answering people's questions in an internet town hall. this is the first time we've seen iranian politicians use the site. he's there to get iranian votes and educating americans about the iranian political process. other news, traveling on business this morning, watch out for winter storm nemo headed toward the east coast on the weekend. airlines are offering to rebook your tickets for free. in san jose, southwest lowering its fares to l.a. and some other cities this after virgin america announced it was moving into the south bay starting in may and we have live pictures this morning out of dallas. dfw. a 787 preparing for takeoff. it has been ungrounded in this special instance only. only a crew is on board. they're going to fly it to the
6:55 am
boeing field up in the seattle area for more testing. they will be monitoring those batteries as they go as they continue to try to figure out what's going on with the 787. >> quite a problem they've been having. thank you very much. it's 6:56. it is the only event on the pga tour where fans don't just come to see the pros. >> we're talking about the at&t national pro-am where celebrities show up and they steal the show. "today in the bay's" big time celebrity, our store bar bob re joining us from pebble beach with a preview of the day ahead. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're here at the 18th hole of the pebble beach golf course. i got to tell you, if you just look at the conditions here on the green, this is unbelievable. take a look at this.
6:56 am
see this? it rolls. hopefully we're going to see a lot of good action out there today. some notable exceptions. professionally, tiger woods is not going to be competing this year in the national pro-am. neither is celebrity george lopez. you'll have others out there. phil mickelson will be out here to defend his title. you have comedian bill murray always a crowd favorite. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh and a newcomer this year, secretary of state condoleezza rice. i want to talk about huey lewis of huey lewis and the news, a regular out here. we're showing video of this beautiful shot yesterday during yesterday's celebrity challenge. it's a fund-raiser for charity. here is huey lewis earning a lot of props from the gallery as he chipped in to win the challenge on the final hole. >> i would like to have this one right here on thursday. that would be awesome. this would be great. chip it in on 18 on saturday would be fantastic. >> a good way to get the nerves out. i take the tournament very
6:57 am
seriously. probably to a fault. i have so much fun. you want to make that cut on sunday. this is a good way to get those nerves out and raise some money. >> reporter: yesterday those celebrity golfers also paid tribute to the men and women of our armed forces. it was military appreciation day. those men and women were given special access to watch the challenge yesterday. tee times today at all three courses here on the monterey peninsula at pebble beach around 8:00 this morning. reporting live at the 18th hole at pebble beach golf course, bob redell, "today in the bay." an update to breaking news we've been following in vallejo this morning where there's some police activity near a home. these are live pictures from the scene of our chopper flying overhead. we're hearing reports of a home invasion but it is unconfirmed right now. we do see a lot of police active. we're monitoring that for you this morning. >> that will do it for us today.
6:58 am
that's what's happening today around the bay. we'll do it again tomorrow. we'll be here every half hour after this with updates. >> that's right. starting at 7:25 this morning. rain on the way. christina will look at our weather forecast as well when we greet you during the update. >> grab an umbrella heading out the door. plan ahead and drive safely in that rain. take care of yourself. see you back here tomorrow. have a great day. >> bye-bye. how long will it last and will
6:59 am
snarl air travel all the way to the west coast pp. a former lapd officer now suspected of killing one officer and critically wounding another overnight pp we'll ha ninight w pp. and will the stars heed the warning and real cover up today, thursday, february 7th, 2013 pp we're starting to get a much


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